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BTA - Telematic Bulletin of Art have a particular editing web team, that is only apparently similar to a traditional serial. BTA was born inside, perhaps from Internet: BTA is an electronic entity, informatic and telematic, too. Is of public knowledge that, Internet not only give very important communications and developments tools, but is also a problem when lack a correct management of available resources. One content provider, the so-called inofrmations supplier, BTA himself, have to warrant an automatic preventive supervision system, that allow a greater security to communicate in a networked environment. The spirit of Internet is naturally entropic and anarchic, but with adoption of elementars security steps, BTA is able to publish papers of collaborators before unknown in the world of million of Internet users. Identification principle is applied of course only to BTA collaborators, not to BTA readers.

Then BTA, to optimize commons informational resources, ask to any collaborator:

  1. to identify himself with a valid document
  2. accept a very simple rule
Personal identification L'identificazione exlude a priori possibility of abuse protected by anonymity. Subscribing BTA rule allow a free circulation of documents in Internet, but only in a non-profit environment.

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