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Catch a Glimpse project (Intravisti)  
Irene Amore
ISSN 1127-4883     BTA - Telematic Bulletin of Art, December 1th 2000, n. 236

The Catch a Glimpse (Intravisti) project emerges from the compelling idea of initiating new forms of communication on the net and at an international level, involving in particular emerging artists, the various agents acting in the cultural and artistic field (gallerists, curators, critics, journalists, technicians ...) and the vast, untangible, unidentifiable, distracted public.

In the format of interviews, this project implies an investigation on the multilayered activities of artists not broadly discovered yet, and of those working behind the arts main stage, all chosen and "questioned" with the intervention of the public and the mediation of the BTA's editors.

In a sort of work-in-progress the public is invited to select a maximum of 5 key questions within the "18 Questions All In One Go", to be posed to one of the "Cross-Examined" subjects, again chosen in the relevant list. At a second stage, one of the BTA's editors will carry out a series of interviews on-line taking into account the public's preferences as well as the core concepts mentioned in the Permanent Manifesto about Arts and Communication.

Because this is a work-in-progress as highlighted above, the list of "Cross-Examined" subjects will be regularly updated.

The interviews will be published on BTA from June 2001.

For further information, please contact or the project coordinator, Irene Amore.

18 Questions All in One Breath

1. What do you think of interviews ?

2. Please describe yourself with 3 adjectives

3. Where does your cultural and artistic journey set off ?

4. What daily relationship do you have with your activity ?

5. Which direction is your activity taking ?

6. Which project that you curated or produced, worked better and why ?

7. Which project that you curated or produced, would you never repeat and why ?

8. What is the worse judging mistake you have ever made ?

9. What would you never do, not even for a large sum of money ?

10. What do you think of utopia ?

11. What do you think of success ?

12. What relationship do you see triggered off between arts and media ?

13. What objective do you think art has today ? Truth, knowledge, entertainment ?

14. How would you define and briefly describe the condition of contemporary art and of young activities today in your country ?

15. What is the worse drawback and what the quality of art education in your country and why ?

16. Which country would you take as a model for its cultural policies and why ?

17. Do you think that art is to be displayed only in museums and galleries, or are there other spaces to be explored ?

18. Which emerging artist you would like to interview ?



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