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Born in Siracusa, Italy, 11.01.63.  During 80's he has moved to Bologna where he has graduated cum laude in D.A.M.S - (Disciplines of Art, Music and Artistic Show) - at the Arts and Philosophy Faculty.  He discussed his thesis about Contemporary Art. He carried out a lots of relevant searches in movements and poetics of Avant-garde.

Together with Alfredo De Paz , professor at the Bologna University,  he participated in the "XXII Art and Critic Prize of Vasto '87-'88" with the critical essay Art in Postmodern period. Theory and poetics.

For the Cultural Association "Studio d'arte Le Maschere" of Milazzo - Messina, Italy, he contributed with a critical essay The play of passions. Aesthetic in the masquerades of Enzo Napoli.

For the artist G. Forzisi wrote an introductory critical text to the sculptural project presented in occasion of the competition "Fiumara d'Arte 1991".

He edited a graphic part of the series "HANDICAP the school of everyone" - volume I, directed by Mauro Cervellati, published from T. E. M. I. - Bologna.

In the "Youthful Center Saffi" - Bologna - he followed an advanced course about script and its thematic seminars.

In 1998 he was Artistic Director of the cultural show was "Passage to South" - Contemporary Biennial of Graphic Art - in the town of Cefalù - Palermo. Catalog published by Edizioni Terrasanta.

Collaborations: F. Scatizzi, Prato, Coveri Gallery, Florence.

He acts as teacher in Secondary Schools.



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