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for drawing up a Permanent Manifesto on Art & Communication

addressed to everybody and, in particular, to:
public and private schools
cultural organisations & institutions
artists and art amateurs
all unforeseenable web users all over the world who will download this message

First objective:
the Permanent Manifesto intertwins culture, Art & Technology, and aims to achieve (achieves) an alternative long-haul form of communication without without limits of time and space. It also aims to support and promote intellectual trends within our personal and collective imagination.

Today's answers become tomorrow's challenges in an ongoing and playful exchange of roles. Today BTA brings forwards some bases for a manifesto, tomorrow Manifesto's readers will reply and take part in the Manifesto itself with their ideas. Our Manifesto will have a comprehensive structure, but will become increasingly complex. Complex and not complicated: simple and clear in order to talk to everybody, non-specialists included, but always questioning and proposing.

BTA - Telematic Bulletin of Art - is the favourite media to achieve this objective because:

1) it allows a long-distance dialogue, which is independent and interactive for all web users, and it allows to create inusual journeys in the forest of information difended and monopolized by other media;

2) it forwards messages to people that other media cannot reach and allow them to reply gaining an active role in the communication process;

3) the adoption of the web makes possible to each and every active user the creative and integrated use of different codes such as words, images and music.

We invite all to participate to this new kind of communication, to get inspiration from key words or sentences within the Manifesto 'basis" in order to freely express thoughts and insert also facts, events, opinions and images from our personal daily experience.

Our permanent Manifesto aims to build up an hypertext based on the model of a telematic tree with the contributions of all creative volunteers interested in arts and communication.

Once the process will be concluded, clicking on keywords and expressions at the base of the trunk, it will be possible to discover branches and leaves (index), ie. thoughts, images and so on from those who have participated to the experiment and have contributed to the tree's structure.

BTA addresses this appeal in particular to all artists, who are invited to take part with the most significant images of their artistic production, images that will be displayed in a virtual gallery.

BTA invites all those who will like to participate to send their contribution via email or post it.

Would you like to send your contribution immediately? click here!


via e-mail

via post:
Dr. Stefano Colonna
Via Francesco Ferrara, 8
00191 Roma ITALY

Translated by Irene Amore - London - United Kingdom

for BTA - Bolllettino Telematico dell'Arte

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