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  1. What's the relationship between Art and Communication ?

  2. Is Communication knowledge ?

  3. Is Art knowledge ?

  4. How and what can one understand through Art ?

  5. Why is Communication interrupted today ?

  6. In which form do Art and Communication survive today ?

  7. Should Art be for everybody or just for a few ?

  8. Which messages can be communicated through Art and other creative languages ?

  9. In order to have a full message it is necessary that it reaches an addressee able to understand it: re there presently methods and tools to communicate Art messages to the mass ?

  10. What meaning can art have as mass media ?

  11. What's the artist's role in our society today ?

  12. What's the critic's role in our society today ?

  13. Is Art communication or expression ?

  14. Look, watch, realise, contemplate: is it all important and why ?

  15. How and to what extent does Art engage with senses, mind, heart, will, knowledge ?

  16. Is Art truthful or untruthful mirror of beauty ?

  17. Is Art truthful or untruthful mirror of chaos ?

  18. Is Art against violence ?

  19. Is Art a good (consummable) or an immaterial good ?

  20. Telematic highways to build the virtual town of communication: what does the future reserve for us ?

  21. Can the virtual town of communication be for everybody or should it remain a privilege for a few ?

  22. Can communication technologies be creative ?

  23. In the future's cultural industry which role will Art and Communication have ?

  24. What's the relationship between natural beauty (the beauty in nature) and the beauty in a work reated by man ?

  25. Do the imagination journeys (courses) bring us far from reality or do they bring us closer to it ?

  26. Abstract and Figurative Art: what does this distinction mean today, and why ?

  27. Is Art reality ?

  28. Painting, sculpture, music and poetry: can the creative languages form an alliance to break through he non-communication wall ?

  29. Renaissance Art and centrality of man. Contemporary Art & ... ?

  30. What is your favourite artist ? Why ?

  31. Futuristic Art is related to the civilization of machines. Is the future Art related to the ivilization of the web ?

  32. Should Art give emotions or should it help thinking ?

  33. In our technological culture, what role and meaning do the symbolic language of colours have ?

    (Version 1.0 dated 24 February 1995)


Translated by Irene Amore, London, United Kingdom

for BTA - Telematic Bulletin of Art

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