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TEXTS 400-499

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    BTA00463.html Sonia Grineva, the Synesthesia of color and music and the Spirit of Ravello
    Maria Filippone Colonna, July 14th 2007, n. 463

    BTA00426.html Pier Giorgio De Pinto. The image in the mirror
    Giuseppe Carrubba, Prato, Italy, 26th March 2006, n. 426

    BTA00416.html The contemporary museum. A book about structures, spaces of exhibition and cultural policies
    Giuseppe Carrubba, Prato, Italy, 11th December 2005, n. 416

    BTA00411.html The "Virtual Restoration" of the portrait of Annunziata by Antonello da Messina
    Nadia Scardeoni, Verona, Italy, 28th October 2005, n. 411


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