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Art is communication.

Communication is knowledge.

Art is knowledge.

There isn't Art nor

knowledge withouth communication.

Today Art is hidden because

communication is interrupted.

Let's reactivate it.

This Manifesto is not a range of words

but a virtual place for a real meeting.

This Manifesto does not want

to freeze a message into words

but to foster the meeting of distant men

who do not know each others

but recognize themselves

in the clearness of an idea.

Communication is the acquaintance

of different men who meet

and become a little less stranger

when they compare

their own difference.

Art is knowledge

through the shapes

of the colours of the world

and it is the penetration

of the world substance.

In the mind's eye,

feelings, heart, will, conscience.

Art is synthesis and absence

of all colours and forms,

it is a faithful-unfaithful mirror

of beauty and chaos.

Art is to transform

disharmony into beauty,

sufference into pity,

violence into contemplation,

Art is to remain in silence

among a din a voices,

to give a voice to silence.

This Manifesto is a launching pad

to escape from the Manifesto

and plunge into life,

everybody's life,

becoming more human,

when we go on looking

for other people,

finding ourselves loosing

and finding ourselves in others.

This, in our opinion,

is communication

and this communication is Art,

a contact and clash of worlds

generating the new in communication.

If we all will be able to invent ourselves

without deceiving ourselves

without falling in love

with what we invented,

the new images of the world

will arise from us,

images ready to give place

to new images, new languages,

new meanings will be born,

ready to give place

to new languages and new meanings.

This Manifesto is the nowhere

where all people can meet

because as they do not occupy a space,

it is open to those

who look for the impossible

in the world of wall against wall,

that must be destroyed

because it is continuosly rebuilt.

We want to build the bridge of the future

trough the four corners of the earth,

beyond all walls, barriers or fences

to create -without destroying anything -

the immaterial city of communication.

Translated by Teda Canova - Rome

for BTA - Telematic Bulletin of Art

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