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Dora Tass: Perturbing Obiects  
Enrica Torelli Landini
ISSN 1127-4883     BTA - Telematic Bulletin of Art, July 10th 2011, n. 614


Padiglione Italia – Tese delle Vergini all’Arsenale

 Dora Tass / Oggetti perturbanti


Dora Tass, chosen by Bernardo Bertolucci to feature among the artists selected for the Italian Pavilion at the 54th Art  Biennale in Venice, is presenting an original work created for the occasion, dubbed Oggetti perturbanti. She combines the medium of 3D holography with now obsolete objects used in analogue communication technology (a typewriter, a telephone and a tape recorder) to create a series of assemblages embracing modernity and history, real and virtual worlds.

The entire work, which is the result of the artist’s research in recent years, is designed as a paradoxical collection of absurd objects, ironically re-proposed as ‘documents’ in a bizarre museum of technology. Dora Tass is presenting five objects from this collection at the 54th  Art Biennale in Venice.

“(…) If the theme of apparition is linked to the sacred, the holy and the divine, it is not foolish to perceive an epiphany in the improvised visions that appear before the eyes when looking at Dora Tass’ holograms (an optical phenomenon using molecular projection). This moment of insight disconnects these objects from their technicality, turning these sequences of virtual entities – the telephone, the tape recorder and the typewriter – into a kind of theory of saints or prophets. The flimsiness of the images, the ever-present form of the circle (the typewriter keys, the two circular reels of the tape recorder) and the beam of light that dominates the ‘object’ from above, are further strands in this theory. If, on the one hand they are reminiscent of objects with a faintly Duchampian feel, on the other hand they force the vision into a liberating game of thought. Basically the ready-made of Duchamp, substantiated by the mystical sphere of experience, becomes a genuine game of wonders, an anti-ready-made.”



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